Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DraCo prototypes: DraCo portable

Model name: DraCo portable    

Company: MacroSystems Computer GmbH
Year: 1995   
Status: Prototype
(picture credit: taken from http://obligement.free.fr/articles/amiga_prototypes.php)

Architecture: DraCo (not DracoVision) based, it was a new portable "field model" bearing all the internals of it's big brother.

CPU: A 68040V at 33mhz (Note that the 68040V is a rarely seen in the wild, variant of the 68040 that can run at 3.3 volts just like 68060´s do)

Memory:4 MB of fast memory (most likely upgradeable to 128MB by using four sets of 72 pin simms)

Display: Built in 12" LCD with 4:3 aspect ratio at a resolution of 800x600 in 24 bits and 1MB of VRAM. It is attached to the case on a side by a hinge system (probably to pull it
down, and then flip it, in order to be protected when transported)

Casework: It is a big black lunchbox shaped case. These cases are commonly available from different manufacturers such as Acme, Dolch, BSI, etc.

Keyboard: Custom made black enclosure with white keys. No numeric keypad, includes a touchpad. Keyboard attaches to the luggage case and closes it.

Floppy drive: a black faceplate floppy seems to be located on a side on top of the circular port hole

Proposed consumer price: 13.000 Deutsch Mark

Exhibitions were it was shown:
                                                  NAB 1995
                                                  Photonika in Cologne on September 18th 1996
                                                  Computer 96 in Cologne from 15th to 17th November 1996

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