Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zorro II compatibility

Unlike the popular Amiga Zorro II slots, the DraCo has a series of "compatible" Zorro II expansion slots, that due to some design flaws on its implementation, ultimately led to the fact that not all Zorro II expansion devices work with the DraCo. What follows is an updated attempt to outline what Amiga Zorro II cards have been reported working, and which devices have proven not work at all. If a device is not listed here, it simply means it hasnt been tested, so it may or may not work (please report your findings).

A.C.T. Prelude Soundcard OK  
Alfadata/BSC Multiface Multi I/O NO  
Aliendesign Repulse Soundcard OK Toccata emulation
ASDG Dual serial board Multi I/O NO  
Commodore A2065 Ethernet OK  
E3B Deneb USB + Flashrom OK  
E3B Highway USB OK  
Electronic Design Framemachine Digitizer NO  
Great Valley Products IOExtender Multi I/O NO  
Great Valley Products Anet Ethernet NO  
Hydra Systems AmigaNet Ethernet NO  
Index Information Harlequin Graphics card OK  
Individual Computers RapidRoad USB NO Driver is problematic
Individual Computers X-Surf Ethernet+IDE OK  
Individual Computers X-Surf 2 Ethernet+IDE OK  
Individual Computers X-Surf 3 Ethernet+IDE OK  
Individual Computers X-Surf 100 Ethernet OK  
Ingenieurbüro Helfrich Peggy MPG Video Decoder NO  
Ingenieurbüro Helfrich Peggy plus MPG Audio & Video Decoder NO  
Ingenieurbüro Helfrich Piccolo Graphics card OK  
Kato Development Melody Soundcard NO  
MacroSystem Maestro Pro Soundcard OK Not in MovieShop
MacroSystem Retina ZII Graphics card NO  
MacroSystem Tocatta Soundcard OK  
MacroSystem Vlab Y/C Framegrabber OK  
MacroSystem Vlab Framegrabber OK  
MacroSystem Vlab Motion Digitizer OK  
MacroSystem Maestro Soundcard OK Not in MovieShop
RBM Digitaltechnik IOBlix Multi I/O OK  
RBM Digitaltechnik IOBlix ethernet Ethernet OK Buggy and slow
Supra SupraModem 3400zi Modem NO  
Team 4 Video Kasmin Graphics card OK  
Utilities Unlimited Emplant Emulation + SCSI + 2xSerial NO  
Village Tronic Ariadne Ethernet + Multi I/O OK  
Village Tronic Ariadne II Ethernet OK  
VMC/Individual Computers Hypercom ZII 3+ Multi I/O OK  
VMC/Individual Computers Hypercom ZII 4+ Multi I/O OK  
Zeus Electronic Development Connexion Ethernet OK  

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  1. If a card which is noticed here as working, does not work.. any idea what to do? (X Surf 100 + Draco Vision 060) Something could be wrong? Something to check?