Friday, January 12, 2018

Alternative to Diavolo Backup Pro

As many of you know Diavolo Backup Pro has the ability to backup MovieShop video and audio partitions. It is a commercial program that is no longer supported or sold.

Fortunately for us, ABackup v5.22 (available from Aminet) is free, has recently been open sourced,  and has no problems in backing up MovieShop partitions. The only issue it has is that it cannot directly restore them. To do this, you have to fool ABackup, which seems to recognise only Amiga DOS partitions when restoring. So, make a quick format to the destination partition before restoring,  and then proceed with the restoration process to that quick formatted partition.

1 comment:

  1. After restoring to the AmigaDOS quick-formatted partition, does MovieShop reinitialize that partition without destroying the restored data?

    Have you used Alex Kazik's scene-handler?