Friday, July 20, 2012

Draco Overclocking


Overclocking is a controversial subject in itself, no matter the computer architecture you are speaking of. As everything in life, it has its drawback and advantages. For general information regarding the computer overclocking process I suggest you take a read at the corresponding Wikipedia article prior in taking the decision to embark in this adventure.

The Draco is not absent from this overclocking dilemma. So for those who are thirsty of performance boosts, we will get right to the point. So, yes, the Draco can be overclocked, but requires a skillful hand for managing the soldering and desoldering of a few components.

Successful reports have surface driving the main clock up to 57.2 mhz
Some tests have shown operation at 66 mhz.
Complete failure reports have also surfaced in attempts to reach past 66 mhz. It seems that the SCSI interface of the DraCo issues a DraCo guru when attempting to reach that system speed.

For further detail and walkthru on performing this process on the Draco, I suggest you take a look at the following links:

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