Monday, July 23, 2012

DraCo prototypes: Draco Motion 1.3 and DraCo Overlay 1.1

Courtesy of Ebay, I have recently come across this interesting find:

It is just a version 1.3 of the the DraCo Motion NLE card for the DraCo which has been attached by two flat cables to a small PCB which is called DraCo Overlay, and its version  is 1.1.

One can only guess in this situation, but a couple of conclusion can be driven from simple observation and common sense. This DraCo Motion card, doesnt have the ordinary video connectors, it only has a centronics one, probably to connect a cable, and finally end in some sort of brakeout box full of connectors. All that, just for reaching the video connectors easily, and not having to resort to the rear of the case, which clearly makes them more difficult to reach.

This is aparently a MacroSystem Casablanca prototype board.

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