Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kickstart roms???

The DraCo as mentioned earlier is a compatible Amiga architecture hardware, that runs AmigaOS. On amigaland, the kickstart rom contains the boot up code and some essential parts of the operrating system.

 (picture taken from

The DraCo uses a two set Amiga 3000 kickstart roms (version 40.68 which usually come with AmigaOS 3.1) .  In some DraCo models, these two roms are integrated into a single one, which in that case, it is wrongly labeled version 40.63, despite being just the same 40.68.

(picture taken from DaMi

The DraCo upon boot heavily patches the mentioned rom contents to make itself more compatible with AmigaOS and also provides drivers for its peculiar hardware by adding and renaming RomTags/Modules.

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