Monday, August 20, 2012

The NLE cards

When the first DraCos were released, they only had available as video editing optionals the Vlab Motion and the Toccata Zorro II cards, that could happily work in standart Amiga Zorro II based systems.

In the Vlab Motion, video was digitized and compressed utilizing the Motion-Jpeg codec.

With the Toccata, DraCos were able to sample stereo audio upto 48 khz with a 16 bit resolution.

Soon afterwards, MacroSystem developed a specialized card by combining these two in one, but used the faster DraCo Direct 32 slot instead of the slow Zorro interface.

This card was named DraCo Motion, and required the DraCo boot rom 1.5 (real or soft kicked) in order to be detected and used.

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