Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The team that made it happen

This pretends to be acomplete a list of the Team that made the DraCo a reality

MS MacroSystem Computer GmbH 1994-2000

General Manager:
Jörg Sprave

Development Manager/Technical Support:
Ibrahim Tertemiz

Steve L. Kelsey (Eltanin)
Hartmut G. Sprave
Martin Sprave (Toccata)
Jörg Sprave (Vlab Motion)

Layout/PCB routing:
Bernd Gronemann

Claus Bönnhoff
Klaus Deppisch
Henning Friedl
Edwin H. Bielawski
Roland Herde

SCSI Firmware:
William J. Coldwell

German manual:
Sherwood Stockwell
Doug Nakakihara

English manual:
Williaml Bohlen
Gregory Marsh

Claus Bönnhoff
Claudia Brazzoduro
Christian Schmoheil

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