Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DraCo´s early startup menu

Like its older brother the Amiga, the DraCo also has an early startup menu to tweak some settings and acces some diagnostics. It is available upon boot.

On Amigas, this menu is activated by pressing both mouse button when booting. The DraCo is special, in that besides the usual Amiga boot menu, activated in this special case, by only pressing the left button mouse, it has the "Display Options" menu item is disabled by default (it looks greyed) as no native chipset is present (we have RTG).

Another peculiarity, is that if when booting, the right mouse button is pressed, another boot menu is presented with specific DraCo options (see the following picture for details).

By the way, if your DraCo boots presenting itself with graphics corruption on the DraCo logo image, you probably need to toggle some DraCo menu options and then reboot to fix them. Disabling softkicking, and enabling defaults, will surely help you.

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